Utah National Parks Road Trip Tips & Guide


Utah is really a beautiful state with tons to see and do (despite it being super spread out with little civilization besides Salt Lake City and the national parks.) I loved spending the week camping under the stars (one night in the car while it unexpectedly snowed), hiking up to views we didn’t end up seeing (Angel’s Landing), and photographing to my heart’s content. Even driving for miles and miles between parks was exciting to see! Our road trip through Utah didn’t disappoint and definitely hope to re-visit it one day.

Overview of the logistics of our trip including how to get there (flights + rental cars), what to wear, links for important maps and guides, and where we stayed. I also included a quick rundown of our spending, the rental car, gas/mileage, food, and a packing list!

Zion National Park Pt. 1  + Pt. 2  •  Bryce Canyon National Park •  Arches National Park Pt. 1

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Fall Vineyard Wedding, Paso Robles, CA


I had the opportunity to second shoot this beautiful fall vineyard wedding tucked away on the central coast of California. The wedding was hosted at Hammer Sky Vineyards in Paso Robles.

Second shot for Mike Larson. Paper Goods by Halleh Tidaback. Catered by Phil’s Catering. Rentals from All About Events.

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Alyssa Nicole x Sarah Ching Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa Nicole, a local fashion designer. A couple of months ago we did a shoot featuring her dresses she designed for her Fall 2016 line. We shot at Ocean beach during golden hour, and were super lucky. We found ourselves among literal clouds of sea foam just floating on the beach. If you have never been to Ocean Beach, I definitely recommend visiting during sunset! It’s a gorgeous stretch of beach with sand dunes and grass lining the edge.

She  designed each dress in beautiful shades of soft taupe, yellow, and bronze in satin and tulle materials. Check out her collection. Each dress links to her posts using my photos, so take a peak at them!

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Delicate Arch (Day + Night Hike) | Arches N.P., UT

Delicate Arch


Delicate Arch

~1-2 hr roundtrip, 3 mi roundtrip, Intermediate

HOW TO GET THERE: Turn right off the main road onto Delicate Arch Road after 11.5 miles from the park entrance. park in Wolf Ranch parking lot on the left. You can also keep going straight to view the arch from the Upper and Lower Viewpoints.

The entire hike is only about 1.6 mi each way. It only took us 30 min to hike up, but we read it takes most 45 min –1 hr. It isn’t extremely difficult except the middle section which is a consistent incline on the face of open rock. The trail starts pretty flat, you pass a cabin and eventually reach a short incline. This incline turns hilly, but is still pretty easy. Walking up and down a couple times, you reach the base of the previously mentioned incline.

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